Why Egy Health

Why EgyHealth

Egy Health is returning with unlimited anticipated outcomes in Egypt from 12 to 14 September 2019; Egy Health presents such a unique opportunities for those who are involved, related and/or interested in the Medical and Healthcare industries.

The show-on-show growth is extended to cover areas such as Hospitals, Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, Medical & Rehab.

Equipment and supplies.

Egy Health 2019 is meant to be a wide gate to latest innovations, discoveries and presentations for cognitive and business purposes.

250 Exhibitors from 20 Countries

40000 Visitors from Egypt, M. East and Africa

Conference, 50 Speakers, 4,000 Attendees

300 Companies Represented from 48 Countries

35 Companies Egyptian Producers

150 New Innovative Products and Solutions for Medical Packaging from 28 Countries.

Interview with medical officials in Egypt .

interview with businessmen and distributors in Egypt .

with medical professionals in GCC,the Middle East and Africa .